Family Firearm Safety is dedicated to SAFE, RESPONSIBLE firearm ownership.  We offer firearms courses and training to enable anyone to enjoy the shooting sports and security of owning a firearm.  As part of our mission to promote firearm safety, we also offer firearms and firearm safety products.

Deal Site Coupon Users

Effective April 15, 2015, we will no longer be offering courtesy extensions for expired coupons.  The paid value of the coupon will be honored toward the payment of tuition for the class listed on the coupon, according to the terms and conditions stated on the coupon or voucher.  Please call Family Firearm Safety at 913-485-0176 if you have questions.
Missouri Concealed Carry Classes are now offered by Family Firearm Safety
We price match all concealed carry classes offered in the KC Metro area!
Missouri concealed carry classes are now offered for residents of Jackson, Clay, Cass, and Platte counties.  If you live in another county in Missouri, please call us to get your county added to the list.
Call 913-485-0176 for more information.

Summer Time Family Fun Time

Private Family Firearm Safety Classes

Limited Availability - Call To Reserve

Family Firearm Safety is proud to now offer Family Firearm Safety Classes.  Each class is custom tailored to the goals of the parents and interests of all of the family members.  Class topics can be tailored for children of any age.  Possible class topics include basic firearms safety, introduction to different types of firearms, uses of firearms, and live range shooting.  All lessons are taught in an age appropriate manner to meet the expectations of your family members.  This is an excellent way to spend a few hours of family time while learning about an important aspect of American life.  Everyone will come away from the class with a better understanding of firearms.

Don't Buy The Wrong Handgun!

Many people find that the first handgun that they purchase is not the "best" handgun for them and end up purchasing another handgun shortly afterward causing them unnecessary expense and aggravation.
Family Firearm Safety now offers private range instruction that can provide invaluable advice in choosing the correct handgun for you.  In addition, when you use Family Firearm Safety's handgun purchase consulting, you are also entitled to purchase your handgun at our cost.  Our program could save you HUNDREDS of $$$.
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